The project site is located at 805 R Street, at the north end of the R Street Corridor.

A former rail-based industrial activity hub, the R Street Corridor has transitioned into a vibrant destination for Sacramento artists, retailers, and restauranteurs.  Today, residents and visitors on R Street can still find themselves surrounded by infrastructure from the days of the Sacramento Valley Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad, while enjoying the community amenities that make Sacramento unique.

The State of California, one of Sacramento’s largest employers, has a need for parking facilities in the downtown area.  The Department of General Services (DGS), the State agency that manages parking for State employees, has more than 3,000 names on a waiting list for parking facilities they currently manage.  The 1997 Capitol Area Plan calls for the construction of parking structures throughout downtown, including a parking structure between 8th and 9th Streets in the R Street Corridor.  Since 2005, DGS has considered a State-owned warehouse, located at 805 R Street, as a potential location for a 6-7 story parking structure that would provide 800-900 spaces.


CADA is partnering with DGS to develop a parking structure at the 805 R Street site.  CADA would construct and manage the parking structure and is responsible to assure the design of the parking structure fits the industrial look and feel of R Street as well as assuring street-level activation.  The parking spaces would primarily serve State employees; however, the parking facility will also be available during non-business hours and may have a limited amount of public parking available on an hourly basis during business hours.

CADA and DGS evaluated several design options for the parking structure.  After consideration, CADA and DGS decided in August 2017 to move forward with a mixed-use structure that includes ground floor retail. Stay tuned for design concept images of the structure.


The new parking structure will replace the existing State warehouse with a space that serves State employees and the community.  Additionally, the structure will activate the ground floor of R Street between 8th and 9th Streets, replacing the existing State warehouse with retail space and bolstering the corridor’s vibrancy.


CADA is focused on creating a shared space for State employees, local businesses and residents.

CADA held a public workshop, supplemented by an online questionnaire, which presented information about the project and gathered input about what community members would like to see at the parking structure, and identified how the structure could help fulfill the R Street Corridor’s mission. These outreach opportunities took place in Fall 2017.

Questions about the project? Please email the Project Manager, Todd Leon at

Below are links to summaries for the community open house and the online community questionnaire.

Community Open House Summary

Online Community Questionnaire Summary


Funding for the design, environmental process, construction, and operations of the parking structure will be provided by DGS and the State Infrastructure Bank.  CADA will develop the project and then lease the property back to the State.

The construction budget for this project is $30 million.


Preliminary Design Begin CEQA / Environmental Process CADA
Design / Build Team Selection Process
Project Design
Permitting Anticipated Construction
Summer 2017 August 2017 Winter 2018  Spring – Summer 2018 Summer 2018 Warehouse Demolition:
Spring – Summer 2018
Parking Structure Construction:
Fall 2018 – Fall 2019



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